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Vision & Mission


When Established BSI-steel, our vision and mission was ONE. To service the Qatari market to the highest quality standard product, and to create a state of the art PEB manufacturing facility attracting those Professionals , Consultants, Customers , Contractors , And Suppliers to recognize and work with.


  • Work and develop certified steel erectors by offering training by BSI staff.
  • Keep up with the latest technology of the PEB industry, such as , tools, machinery, handling equipment and engineering software.
  • Train and work on one to one bases with our employees. Encourage staff to think long term. And to make them feel that they are part of the company, inter communication and team work is what counts, sense of belongings.
  • Work closely with local consultant firms, arrange seminars and presentation explaining in detail the PEB, and how the design software application.
  • Enhance and maintain quality, and customer service.
  • To provide customer with the most convenient and cost-effective source for basic high-quality pre-engineered steel buildings and related construction products.
  • To develop or acquire the most efficient information, engineering, manufacturing, and delivery systems possible.
  • Our success is measured by how well we satisfy our customer's needs, and we are committed to remaining accessible and responsive to them.


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