A Mezzanine can occupy the full areas or just partial area of the building. It is an elevated flooring system located inside the outer steel of a PEB's. The mezzanine framing is normally connected to the main rigid frame columns for lateral stability.


A typical mezzanine structure consists of:



Mezzanine Systems :

Beam/Joist Conn to Mezz. Column


Joist Conn to Mezz. Beam at Endwall

Mezz.Beam Conn to Main Frame Column

Flush Mezz. Joist Conn to Mezz. Beam

BSI-STEEL Deck Profile - 54/241

Mezzanine deck panel is intended to carry only the dead load of the wet concrete, it acts as a permanent shuttering. BSI-STEEL Mezzanine deck is (54/241) and is made out of 0.7 mm galvanazed steel that confirms to ASTM A635M Grade SS:340