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Fabrication with excellence

- Construction Today : March - May 2017 issue

Ahmed Abdelaal, General Manager of Building System Integration (BSI), explores the concept of specialised pre-engineered metal buildings (PEBs), of which BSI are noted suppliers, and elaborates on the industrial side of its applications..

Over the last few decades the trend of Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) solution has established itself as a strong competitor to conventional and typical structural steel solutions in the construction market globally. PEBs provide an economical approach that is more convenient and result in a shorter schedule for installation due to quicker delivery of fabricated materials. These advantages have been well recognized by business across various sectors and consequently PEBs have witnessed an expansion of usage beyond typical warehouses. For instance, more than 70% of all single-story non residential construction in the USA utilizes PEBs.

Similarly, BSI has developed and fabricated different types of facilities utilizing PEB solutions across a wide range of industries.

This includes Logistic Villages and Warehouses, Aircraft Hangars, Business Lounges, Hypermarkets, Labor Accommodations, Breeding Sheds, Animal Facilities, Recreational and Sports Facilities, Car Parks, Shopping Malls, Office buildings, Industrial and Fabrication facilities, Schools, Poultry Farms, Petrol Stations, Port Cabins, Museums, Car Showrooms and Mini Storage Facilities.

Strategic Strength

It’s fair to say, considering BSI’s experience and proficiency in the area, that industrial and fabrication facilities are akin to the company’s native language among all other languages. More than 35% of BSI’s production line is dedicated to industrial facilities.

By the end of 2016, BSI was able to complete nearly 80 buildings across the new industrial Area, which serve various light industrial functions.

One of their largest complexes in the New industrial area is the steel factory belonging to Qatar Steel company that occupies an area of 35,000 square meters. More complexes have been provided in other areas like Umsaid to service heavy industrial utilities. some of the highlighted projects are the precast-cut and bend complexes made for producing glass, aluminum and wood for QD-CPC industry, spanning 52,000 square meters. BSI also completed the advanced pipes and cast complex for builders advanced Engineering & Construction over an area of 27,000 square meters.

The same company also engaged BSI towards completing the fabrication and installation of a nearly 15,000-square metre desalination project at Ras Abu Fontas.

Support for special developments

BSI is always available to support clients towards new developments for industrial and fabrication facilities. They provide the design and fabrication, covering all possible options, when it comes to the selection of different kind of crane support structures (top running cranes which may support lifting capacity across a range of 5 tonnes to as high as 180 tonnes, jib cranes, under hung cranes, gantry cranes etc.).

Also this special facilities may require extensive clearance inside the buildings (too many columns may interrupt the running operations); so clearances between columns inside the buildings can be designed to extend from 25 meter up to 60 meter between medium and heavy industrial facilities, as per client specifications. 


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