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Logistic Village and Warehouses

- Construction Today : December 2016 - January 2017 Issue

Ahmed Abdelaal, General Manager, Building System Integration (BSI) gives us an account of the projects in Manateq that was completed through the involvement of BSI and future plans of this integral construction company.

With 2030 Strategic Vision of the State of Qatar, there has been a massive investment from the Qatar during the past few years in developing more Logistic Villages. Additional investments are finalized to achieve more logistic villages through Manateq as we speak.

Since BSI was the first Pre Engineered Metal Buildings Company in the State of Qatar, we were able to engage our industrial expertise through the original development stages of such category.

Our clients realized that having a certified national/local steel factory will guarantee the monitoring of the fabrication process and it will be possible to apply all necessary quality inspections and also guarantee a smooth and fast turnaround for all original submittals and modifications that usually take place for coordinating the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical aspect of the project.

Initial period

During the period of time, between 2012 and 2014, BSI was part of the development and successful completion of a total of 130,000 SQ for Gulf Warehousing Logistic Village (Consolidating  4  phases of construction) with Al Badr Contracting Company. The village is located in Al Wukair.

Second Phase

During the period from 2014 to 2016, AL SAFWA Contracting, one of BSI’s strong ally were able to successfully complete the main development of Package One (45,000 Sq.m) dedicated to Gulf Warehousing Company. The package included the variety of storage facilities, between dry units, air conditioned and Frozen units for cold stores.

BSI received appreciation from the contractor and the consultant for being able to provide exceptional turnaround documents and deliverable time for the materials. For many cases BSI was able to provide a work shop at site as needed, to insure that there was client satisfaction and to ensure that quality work is in place.

The current year

BSI was the major steel structural developer for all Manateq projects at early stages of planning. As of to date, BSI jointly with our partner Gulf Panel are near successful completion of all steel fabrication and Erection of the Manateq Logistic Village at Bu Fsila (Um Shahrain) for Man Enterprise Contracting. Project area is expected to reach (120,000 Sq.m - 150,000 Sq.m) including all projected expansions.

Future Plans

BSI is currently engaged in multiple medium size warehousing for local investors and also for the Manateq projects.

BSI will participate in the construction of 170,000 Sq.m for Manateq during first two quarter of 2017. It will be only grow from thereon. 


 Logistic Villages and  Warehouses

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